The problem faced by Ukrainian sellers domains

For all users have uniform rules on the transfer of domains RU, SU, Russia. The seller is required sending a notarized letter to the registrar. Exceptions are possible in the presence of a direct contract with the registrar at the online transmission or delivery of application in person.

In practice, we are faced with the fact that the sellers – Ukrainians – can not notarize a letter to the registrar. If the seller is unable to renew the domain, the transaction will not take place. Therefore, before selling RU, SU, RF domain, make sure that it can be re-registration. We have compiled a summary table of the registrars with whom we most often encounter. From the table, you will learn it possible to transfer a domain without a notarized letter from a particular registrar.

Whatever claimed recorders, the problem with a notarized letter from the Ukraine really is, especially in small towns and villages, especially in the central and western parts. Ideally, the notary must assure a letter, that is, to witness the signature on the document.

And in reality, notaries do not certify a letter because they do not understand the meaning of the statement because of their illiteracy in the field of IT and the Internet. Domain names, registrars – it’s all for them “dark forest”. And they need to understand that in the document they represent and what facts are set out in a statement to be sure that the document does not infringe the law and not contrary to the law.

Тhe law (Law of Ukraine “On Notary”, Article 49) if the notary does not agree to testify the authenticity of the signature on the letter, you may require him to state the reason for the refusal. And he must, within three days in writing to provide failure. But in practice, notaries no force to assure the document.


If you are a resident of Ukraine and sell RU, SU, RF domain, specify the rules for renewal of a domain registrar. If you need to send a certified letter to the paper, ask the notary certify whether he desired to you a statement. If you find out that the transfer is not possible, run the auction is not necessary! Better to find out all these details before the completion of the auction, as already in the process of transferring to sum the buyer and disrupt trade.

For projects that are initially created by the sale:

– Choose the registrar where you will not encounter further transfer of rights to RU-domains
– Use domain names gtld-zone (net, com, org)

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